A sea change

David Dowling

28 May 2014

On a snowy December afternoon in 2010, I first walked through the door of 3 fish. A month later I started working there and ever since I’ve had the chance to work on some fantastically challenging projects with some really amazing friends.

The picture above is the stack of notebooks I found in my locker when I cleared it out the other day — although I’m sure there’s probably some more knocking about the studio. They’re tattered, torn, virtually illegible and thanks to a consistently escalating game of ‘let’s draw a cock on someone’s notebook’ contains some of the most majestic and imaginative cock drawings you can imagine. They’re also the most useful tools I’ve had access to and act as a reminder that the best work I’ve done wasn’t created sitting at an iMac.

I’ve loved my time in the fishtank and I’ve learned an unfathomable amount but like anything in life there comes a time for change. Next week I start at The Workroom and I can only hope I have even half as much fun there.